Wedge wire screen

The ‘wedge wire screens’ manufactured by Costacurta are called VICO-Screens: these filtering elements are generally made of V-section wires, arranged in a parallel way and welded to support rods with a trapezoidal, round or flat shape. They can be made with wires and support rods of different shapes, sizes and materials in order to resist different levels of corrosion and abrasion.

The main features of the VICO-Screens are high tensile strength, large open area, low tendency to clogging. They are designed to retain materials, for filtering and for sieving.

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Distinctive elements of Costacurta’s wedge wire screens (VICO-Screens)

Broad range of products and solutions

State-of-the-art quality control of materials, tolerances (including optical controls) and manufacturing processes

High quality


Flanges or fixing rods

The VICO-screen can be supplied with flanges and/or rods for fixing to rotary shafts/housing.

Edging and plain square ends

The VICO-screen can be edged (in the case of panels) or have plain square ends/stretch blind at the end (in the case of cylinders/filter candles)

Surface finishes

The VICO-screen can be subject to satin-finishing, high pressure washing to eliminate impurities, degreasing, pickling and electropolishing.

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