Filtering discs

The filtering discs can be made from single wire cloths or combinations of wire cloths with different characteristics, punched in numerous combinations of shapes and sizes. The filtering discs can be supplied with or without an edge, generally in aluminium. Gaskets are also obtained by punching in numerous combinations of shapes and sizes and can be made from the same materials as the edges. The know-how gained over many years of experience in the weaving of wire cloths and in the punching of metals and the large number of punching dies available, means that Costacurta can produce filtering discs able to solve filtering problems in a wide range of applications.

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Distinctive elements

High level of production flexibility and efficient management of delivery times

Large number of machines and dies available

Many years of experience in the manufacture and sale of filtering cloths and discs

Supply and processes


Alongside the standard packaging methods (in plastic bags and cardboard boxes) we can also supply the cloths and disks vacuum-packed.

Surface treatments (“processing”)

The filters undergo ultrasonic cleaning to eliminate the impurities deriving from the production process.

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