Production of rubber sheaths for cables

The sheath is used to cover the cable, protecting it and preventing accidents, thus ensuring total insulation of the cable’s vital areas from the outside environment.

Rubber sheaths are usually produced by the extrusion of the molten material, which is then left to cool.


Extrusion is the most widely used process for processing thermoplastic and thermosetting insulation. The materials are first melted inside the extruder using the mechanical heat generated by the friction of the screws and the electrical resistors mounted on the outside of the cylinder. Once the material has melted, it is forced through a spinneret that determines its final shape and size. A filtering disc is mounted on the head of the spinneret.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta filtering discs for this type of machine are:

  • Wide range of solutions: the filtering discs can be made from single cloths or combinations of cloths with different characteristics, punched in numerous combinations of shapes and sizes.
  • High quality of the material used and the production process

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