Netiquette is the term used to identify the proper behavior etiquette that people must adopt in communicating electronically with others, such as with social media interactions.

Below are the rules of conduct that we invite you to respect on our social media channels:

1)Publication of vulgar, obscene, defamatory, racist, sexist, or otherwise, harmful content is strictly forbidden.

2)Posting any content or comments with racist and/or xenophobic material is strictly prohibited.

3)Posting content or comments promoting illegal activities, using bad language, or that are completely off-topic is strictly prohibited.

4)Using material violating the rights of third parties of any nature (e.g. copyright, brands, privacy, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

5)Promoting third-party businesses, events, and other fan pages on this page are strictly prohibited.

6)We invite you to avoid personal dissent since this is a public page. We are available to listen and respond to any dissenting comment if it is based on real facts and is expressed according to the rules of polite conversation.

If these rules are not followed, even in part, the comment will be removed, and in more serious cases, the user will be banned from our page and reported to the specific Social Media Platform on which the comment has been posted.

For more information about our netiquette, please contact us.
Thanks for your adherence to these important rules to promote thoughtful interactions.

Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO