Woven wire cloths and meshes

Costacurta‘s woven wire cloths and meshes meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications in many different industrial sectors. Its extensive experience in weaving and the strict controls it carries out as part of the Quality System mean that Costacurta is able to produce wire cloths and meshes, including special types, to extremely high-quality standards.

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Distinctive elements of our woven wire cloths and meshes

High level of manufacturing flexibility in terms of quantity (large or small quantities) and quality (wide range of materials)

Wide range of wire cloths, meshes and raw materials (also special materials) ready for use in stock

Flexibility in meeting the delivery times requested by clients

Supply and processes


The wire cloths are normally supplied in well protected rolls to prevent the mesh from losing shape during transport; this also optimises the dimension during shipment.

Cut-to-size panels

The wire cloths and meshes can be cut to size based on the client’s specifications, respecting any necessary dimensional tolerances for specific applications/uses.

Shaped elements

Elements can be manufactured from wire cloths and meshes in accordance with the client’s specific construction drawings and technical specifications; the elements can also be supplied complete with tensioning hooks for assembly, fixing holes, edges and perimeter finishes.


Manufactured using wire cloths and meshes with different openings and wire diameters. These baskets are normally manufactured on request and in accordance with the client’s specifications; they can be rectangular, circular, with circular sectors or of any other shape, with or without bottom.

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