Sieving or sifting is a pre-treatment operation for granular or powder products. It consists of separating the materials based on fragment size so as to obtain individual products with acceptable purity levels. There are different plant types for sieving. The main ones are drum sieves, disc sieves and vibrating screens.

Vibrating screens

Vibrating screens are used in the processing of ceramic, clay, silicone, gypsum, sands, calcium carbonate, marble granulate, etc.

Wire cloths or meshes are usually installed in these machines, even if they can sometimes be made of different sieving elements such as drilled sheets or wedge wire screens. The sieving force is generated by electromagnetic heads mounted directly on sieving cloth or mesh. The degree of inclination and the number of sieving meshes used depend on the type of material to be treated and the level of separation required.

The Costacurta wire mesh is a high-quality mesh that allows useful open areas to be achieved with limited risk of clogging (especially in the treatment of damp products). Moreover, if it is positioned correctly, it allows the treatment velocity to be increased and thus enhance production capacity.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta wire meshes for vibrating screens, depending on the materials and the mesh geometry, are:

  • High wire breaking load and high elastic limit
  • Considerable resistance to abrasion
  • High useful passage surface
  • Regularity and precision of the mesh openings
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