Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO is specialized in the design and manufacture of metal components for industry and architecture, serving markets worldwide.

In 100 years, the company has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changes of the market, re-interpreting its way of working and of interacting with its clients while maintaining the high quality of its products and services and guaranteeing enduring growth and constant attention to the territory and downstream activities.
Costacurta is a family business still headed by the founder’s family and now led by the 3rd and 4th generation of the family. The company, while reinventing itself to continue to grow, has always upheld the values transmitted by the founder.

The sales offices and headquarters are in Milan (Italy) while the two factories (with a total covered surface area of around 40,000 m2) are located in the district of Lecco, 50 km north-east of Milan (Italy). The products manufactured at these factories are exported to more than 70 countries throughout the world.

The entire product portfolio is based on steel wires and plates. Capitalizing on the experience gained over the years, the company is able to make and supply machine manufacturers with a wide range of products used in diverse sectors, including the food and beverage, mechanical, textile, pulp and paper, timber, oil&gas and petrochemical sectors.

In the last two sectors, above all, the quality of its products and services has turned Costacurta into a qualified supplier to leading international companies that develop technologies, provide engineering services and build plants and systems for the Oil & Gas, petrochemical and chemical industry.

Regardless of the size of the project, Costacurta aspires to offer its clients a complete and reliable service throughout the entire sales cycle: from the identification of the best solution for the client to the supervision during installation and support in solving any problems.

Strategic Guidelines

Ensure the business continuity of Costacurta in a multi-generational perspective, under the control of the founder’s family, with a view to profitable long-term growth.

Pursue growth, assessing business risks, also through careful diversification of the products, industries and geographic markets served.

Adopt all necessary measures to ensure that Costacurta is seen by clients as a “best in the class” supplier for the quality of its products and services and for its ability to help, with its specific know-how, improve their competitiveness on the market.

Examine all potential opportunities to grow and pursue the ones that, based on a meticulous risk analysis, could contribute to the growth and continuity of the business in the long-term, attempting, wherever possible, to combine the business needs with the interests of the stakeholders and the territory, adopting a concept of social responsibility.

Invest in the improvement and innovation of products, services, business and production processes, allocating a part of the resources to the study of applications in cutting-edge sectors with high growth potential that require components whose design and manufacture can benefit from the know-how already present in Costacurta.

Our team

Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO is aware that the results it has achieved over the years are fruit of the commitment and dedication of employees and partners that have worked for the company and is grateful to them for having allowed it to take important steps ahead.
At present, the company has over 230 employees and more than 50 partners that, carefully selected, contribute with their work, know-how and commitment to achieving the goals set and to laying the foundations for future growth.