Shrink wrap packaging

Thanks to its long-standing experience in the sector, Costacurta can design and manufacture conveyor belts for packaging and shrink-wrapping machines to be installed in straight tunnels.

Shrink wrap packaging is a type of packaging used to wrap products typically of the same size, such as items of stationery, cosmetics, bottles and food products using a shrink wrap film.

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Conveyor belts for packaging machines

The products to be packaged are covered with a shrink wrap film and passed through a packing machine equipped with a continuous oven and an extractor fan for cooling. The heat produced by the oven shrinks the film by up to 50% of its original size, allowing it to adhere perfectly to the product. Once the wrapped product has cooled, the film maintains its new shape.

The products are transported inside the continuous oven and under the aspiration hood for cooling on metal conveyor belts.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta conveyor belts for these machines:

  • Perfect straightness
  • Perfect balance between spirals or flat bar bends and connecting rods
  • Wide range of mesh available
  • Smooth, uniform surfaces to support the product correctly
  • High quality of the materials used, to withstand the oven temperatures

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