Our commitment

Costacurta has been committed to sustainable growth for over one hundred years. Sustainability is the basic prerequisite for long-term existence.

Drawing up the 2022 sustainability report enabled the company to take a “snapshot” of its commitment to its stakeholders on ESG issues and, based on this snapshot, to identify areas for improvement in which to invest in the coming years.


Dear Stakeholders,

it is a pleasure to present Costacurta’s first sustainability report.

The focus on ESG issues and thus on the environment, people and the company’s governance, characterized by common sense, is intimately part of the very nature of our company and stems from the example that my grandfather, the founder of the company, was able to provide to his family and to all those who, working in the company, got to know him.

Careful and responsible management of the company, a long-term vision, respect for people and attention to their well-being, the ability to appreciate beauty and harmony in all their forms and manifestations and the desire to preserve them have guided the company’s choices and consequent actions and have enabled it to cross the 100-year milestone.

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The complexity of today’s world makes it necessary to make explicit what in past years was often implicit and to communicate to the outside world, also thanks to new communication tools, much more than in the past.

Making it explicit, in this context, involves a commitment to write down what you do, how you do it and to evaluate and possibly measure the impacts of what you do.

Sharing this in a transparent manner entails taking responsibility and a commitment to continuity and effectiveness.

Preparing a sustainability report is a very demanding exercise for a medium/small company like ours, but I believe that, in the current context, it is a fundamental step to continue pursuing our goal of continuity and development in a long-term perspective.

In the document, you will therefore find out what the company does, how it does it and, as far as possible, what the impacts are in relation to the four pillars of sustainability as defined by the World Economic Forum (WEF):

Principles of governance | Planet | People | Prosperity

The four pillars are strongly interrelated, so it is only by acting actively and appropriately in the four areas that the conditions for continuity and development can be created.

Therefore, it will not be possible to pursue continuity and development without good governance to achieve economic results that ensure the necessary financial capacity for operations and investments but, at the same time, no organization is able to operate and develop without the individual commitment and contribution of the people working in it and in a Planet devastated by extreme climatic events.

Costacurta’s commitment in relation to the health of our Planet will not only be focused on reducing impacts, but will also and above all be aimed at contributing, with the skills and experience accumulated over more than one hundred years, to the development of technologies that can accelerate the energy transition and the transition to a circular economy, which, as the new generations rightly remind us, must be pursued with timeliness and firm determination.

In conclusion, a commitment and a wish:

The commitment: together with my daughter and son-in-law, the fourth generation, who will lead the company in the years to come, to ensure that what is written in the sustainability reports is always inspired by a principle of truth and clarity and that words are followed by concrete and consistent facts.

The wish: that sustainability-focused reporting, as conceived by international bodies, will not be a passing trend but will be a stimulus to companies to concretely realize their declared good intentions, thus triggering a positive evolution in the economic/financial world.

Paolo Mondello
Chairman and CEO

Our 2022 sustainability report at a glance


of the Board comprised of independent directors
Management systems certified by LRQA
– ISO 9001 – Quality
– ISO 14001 – Environment
– ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety
D.LGS 231/01
Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 to prevent the commission of crimes


768 tco2e
of GHG emissions (Scope 1) and disclosure through the Carbon Disclosure Project
of materials from Europe (of which 69% from Italy)
of non-hazardous waste


of employees with a permanent contract
+ 4.000 hours
of training for 236 employees
of time in Smart Working for the non-production site


of distributed economic value
financial autonomy
+ € 100 M
shareholders’ equity for a €63m turnover