100th anniversary

To grow and improve from generation to generation in accordance with our original values, adapting to a constantly changing world. This is the vision that has guided us for 100 years.


“All happy families are alike…” wrote Lev Tolstoj.

The same is true for family businesses, the ones that succeed in the arduous task of remaining in business and grow from generation to generation are all alike.

They all have many things in common: attention to the quality of the product and the service, the ability to forge long-standing relationships with colleagues, , customers and suppliers based on honesty, transparency, respect, a close bond with the territory and, finally, the gaze always cast towards the future.

These continue to be the qualities of Costacurta that, founded by Virgilio Costacurta and then led with energy and passion by his son-in-law, Bruno Mondello, is now managed by the third and fourth generation.

The family is fully aware that every generation must re-found the company by innovating and developing the business to keep abreast of the markets,

technologies and society, while not betraying the timeless values underpinning its continuity and growth.

The company is also grateful to the generations of employees who, with their commitment to the company and their daily hard work, have made it possible to achieve the results of the last 100 years.

The founding family feels responsible for creating the conditions to enable today’s and tomorrow’s employees to find a working environment in Costacurta in which they can best express their talents and in turn contribute to the prosperity of customers, suppliers and the local community.

From 1921 to the present day, Costacurta has evolved from being a manufacturer of woven wire cloths and meshes to a supplier of a wide range of metal components, manufactured in accordance with customer drawings and specifications, and now exporting to over 70 countries throughout the world.

What differentiates us

Resilience and Solidity

Over its 100 years, the company has demonstrated its resilience: it has survived wars, economic and social crises and celebrated its centenary during a pandemic, continuing to make investments to guarantee strong and long-term growth.


The company has always been committed to respecting the promises made, whatever the circumstances, and pays utmost attention to the customers’ needs to offer the right solutions for their production processes.


This is the principle that guides our relationships with customers and employees, always focused on creating value and achieving mutual benefits.


Everything we do revolves around this principle: from the raw materials to the production processes, to the commitment of each person.

Our history at a glance


Costacurta begins manufacturing woven wire cloths and meshes after the First World War and manages to grow even during the Great Depression.


The company survives the Second World War, guaranteeing its workers employment, and contributes to the reconstruction of the country and Italy’s economy in the post-war period.

1950s -1960s

In the 50s and 60s, during the economic boom, the Separation Technologies product line for the petrochemical and chemical industries is started up and conveyor belts and filtering discs are introduced.


Period of global crisis due to the first oil shock in 1973 and the second in 1979. Despite this difficult period in history, Costacurta begins to produce punched plates, reactor internals and hexagonal meshes.


Costacurta introduces a new product line for filtration: drilled and milled plates, expands the range of reactor internals for oil refining, begins to develop the production of internals for ammonia synthesis and significantly increases its exports.


This decade is marked by two economic crises: the great recession that began in 2007 and the debt crisis of 2011. These are difficult times but, once again, Costacurta decides to invest in the expansion of its range of reactor internals and introduces the production of wedge wire screens. This final component completes the range of products for filtration.


The company celebrates its 100 years in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused an economic and health crisis and is severely testing all the global economies. Maintaining its commitment and passion, Costacurta once again demonstrates that it is a resilient and solid company.


Each of these goals is the result of the contribution of all the people that have worked and work with us today; committed to creating value for our customers; they are the real protagonists of our history.


100 years mark the end of one century but, above all, the start of a new one, the new starting point, in which research and development of new technologies and sectors will be fundamental. It is vital for Costacurta to make its contribution to society and the local community to guarantee the next generations a future.

With this in mind, the company continues to improve its know-how and production experience to put it at the service of the development of new technologies within the framework of energy transition and the circular economy.

The desire to take part in the development of innovative technological solutions to reduce the environmental impact is an expression of our constant focus on the future and a desire to make a contribution, traits that have always been present in Costacurta’s history.

The commitment and passion in facing the challenges of the new century remain firm, as do our continued efforts to adding many more chapters to our story.

“If you want to build something that stands the test of time, a good idea is just the starting point. What it takes is passion and values, determination and perseverance, hard work and resilience.”

Virgilio Costacurta

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