Livestock slurry treatment

Costacurta manufactures and supplies vico-screen wedge wire screen cylinders for screw separators used in livestock slurry treatment.

When livestock effluent is treated, the cattle or pig slurry is collected, mixed and sent to a screw separator to be separated and then reused for composting, bedding or as fertiliser in the fields.

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Wedge wire screens for screw separators

Inside this separator the slurry is compressed by a screw as it passes through a cylindrical filtering sieve with axial slots which allow the liquid to escape. The screw transports the solid material to the machine outlet while the liquid material flows into the body of the separator through the axial slots to then be collected and used as fertiliser.

The VICO-Screen filtering sieve is a high-quality wedge wire screen. Costacurta can supply it as a finished cylinder complete with accessories and finishings built according to the client’s specifications.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta wedge wire screens for screw separators include:

  • High precision in the continuous openings
  • Long lasting thanks to the material used, generally stainless steel, and the quality of the welding.
  • Limited risks of clogging due to the design of the filter element and the precision of the production process.

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