Treatment of process fluids

To treat process fluids, Costacurta designs and manufactures filter candles in vico-screen wedge wire screen for self-cleaning filters.

The treatment of process fluids consists of removing solid materials from fluids such as oils, industrial water and sea water. This treatment is mainly carried out by means of mechanical action inside self-cleaning filters. During the process phase, the impurities entrained in the filters are removed through backwashing, meaning that the machine can continue to operate without interruption.

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Costacurta manufactures wedge wire screen candles for self-cleaning filters for the treatment of process fluids used in chemical, petrochemical, iron and steel, pharmaceutical and food plants, but also for the treatment of different types of water (sea, river, and reservoir) as well as in power plants.

The VICO-Screen filter candles are high-quality wedge wire filters. The VICO-Screen filters are made of stainless steel, so they do not require special maintenance.

Distinctive characteristics of the VICO-Screen self-cleaning filter candles for these machines:

  • Continuity and precision of the openings (to several tens of microns) to guarantee correct filtering
  • High quality of the material and welding to offer excellent resistance also at extremely high pressures.

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