Treatment of polluting effluents

Specialised in gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation processes, costacurta designs and manufactures coalescence filters known as vico-bsa filter candles installed in polluting effluent treatment units.

The treatment of polluting effluents includes all processes to reduce polluting effluents in the atmosphere, whether liquid or gas.

These are cross-industry processes that can, in effect, be used in chemical, oil, petrochemical, metallurgical, food, pharmaceutical plants, in the production of plastic materials and synthetic fibres and in cement plants.


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Vico-bsa filter candles for polluting effluent treatment units

The polluting effluent treatment units normally have two filtration stages: a primary filtration and a secondary coalescence filtration.

These units can filter both solid particles conveyed in the fumes emitted by the production process and oils or acids (e.g sulphuric acid) contained in gaseous effluents.

Costacurta supplies filter candles called VICO-Bsa for the second filtration stage: these comprise a containment cage with coalescent filling able to separate droplets as small as 0.3 micron in diameter.

Costacurta can supply both the complete filtering element, in the case of new plants, and the repack service, i.e. replenishment of the coalescent filling if it clogs after a period of operation.

Distinctive characteristics of the VICO-Bsa filter candles for the treatment of polluting effluent treatment units are:

  • High automation and flexibility of the production process
  • High quality levels, due to both the production process and the quality of the material used

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