Sand removal system

Sand jetting systems are used to remove deposits of solids or sand inside horizontal and vertical vessels. These systems “fluidise” the solids with pressurised water injected using spray nozzles. The slurry obtained is then discharged through special nozzles positioned on the bottom.

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The most frequently used materials are stainless steels and some special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, duplex and superduplex.


Sand jetting systems can be designed and made in different configurations and designs depending on the layout of the vessel and the operating conditions. They are supplied with nozzles and pipe systems.


Sand jetting systems are mainly installed in wellhead production separators to remove sand deposits from natural gas and oil fields. They are made in sections to use sequentially so as not to hamper the functioning of the separator. Removal of these deposits allows a high level of separation between the three fluid phases to be maintained, substantially reducing the impact of routine maintenance.

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