Methanol synthesis

Costacurta is specialised in the mechanical engineering and manufacture of down flow reactor internals used in the chemical sector for methanol synthesis.

Methanol is produced by the catalytic reaction of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (synthesis gas). This organic alcohol has many important uses as a base chemical, fuel and other products.

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Methanol synthesis reactor internals

Methanol synthesis can take place in down flow reactors where distributor trays allow a uniform distribution of the fluids in the catalyst bed which is supported by catalyst support grids allowing the simultaneous passage of the products of the reaction and containment of the catalyst.

There are also cases when the synthesis reaction takes place in radial flow reactors; in this case, the containment of the catalyst, the distribution of the reagent fluids and the passage of the reaction products are ensured by inner and outer baskets, while the heat exchanger elements regulate the reaction temperatures.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta down and radial flow reactor internals for the methanol synthesis process are:

  • Internal control of all the production phases for the filtering elements used in making the internals (wire cloth weaving, punching and production of wedge wire screens)
  • Internal control of all the construction phases for the internals
  • Over 60 years of experience in mechanical design and construction of internals
  • Dedicated teams with long-standing experience in project management

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