Integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC)

Costacurta designs and manufactures hexagonal meshes for gasifiers and separator internals for steam drums used in the integrated gasification combined system (igcc).

The integrated gasification combined cycle comprises a gasification stage, whose aim is to transform the fuel into synthesis gas, which is burnt to feed the gas turbine and generate electricity.

The syngas produced through gasification is normally cooled and the heat is recovered in a heat recovery steam generator (hrsg), inside which there are steam drums, and converted into steam. The steam is used to produce electricity, through a steam turbine, or electricity and heat (through cogeneration).

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Hexagonal meshes for gasifiers

The gasifier is one of the main components in the IGCC process and is used to transform solid fuel into synthesis gas by means of several gasification stages during which the solid fuel containing carbon, deriving from a wide range of compounds such as coal, heavy refinery residues and biomass, is converted into synthesis gas, consisting mainly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.
The hexagonal meshes produced by Costacurta are used as armouring for the refractory linings of syngas gasifiers.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta hexagonal meshes for gasifiers are:

  • High quality of the material used
  • High precision and flexibility of the production process
Cycle combiné machine

Separator internals for steam drums 

A steam drum normally comprises a horizontal pressure vessel into which the saturated water-steam mixture enters from risers and is distributed by appropriate bulkheads or cyclone pre-separators. Before exiting and being sent to the superheater, the steam inside the steam drum passes through mist-eliminators or vane packs for efficient removal of the smallest droplets, ensuring the level of purity required by the process.

Costacurta is able to check the vessel design and select the most suitable internals to guarantee the required separation performance, optimizing dimensions and weights of the equipment.

Distinctive characteristics of the internals for Costacurta separators for steam drums are:

  • High quality of the material and production processes used
  • Precision in the selection, design and sizing of the internals, guaranteeing separation efficiency
  • Team of engineers dedicated to checking and designing the process

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