Curved conveyor belts

Also known as spiral conveyor belts, curved conveyor belts are made of metal wire or flat wire. The special chain links at the edges guarantee flexibility of these belts in every direction, making them ideal for processes that have both straight and curved sections.

Curved conveyor belts are used mainly in the food industry, where they are installed on spiral towers and in straight tunnels for cooling, freezing, pasteurisation, proofing or cooking processes and are ideal for use also at low temperatures, down to -180°C.

Costacurta has made and intends to continue making investments to streamline its manufacturing technologies, upgrading the machinery and equipment to pursue continuous improvement of the quality of the product and service. A constructive relationship of collaboration with clients and attention to their needs lies at the base of continuous improvement and development of every curved conveyor belt.

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Distinctive elements of spiral conveyor belts

Fully dedicated production line, with the most advanced technologies and almost completely automated

Wide range of spiral conveyor belts depending on the operating conditions and client’s needs

Engineering department dedicated to the selection of the most suitable solution for the client and support during installation

Provision of chemical analysis certificates for the materials used


Stainless steel (generally AISI 304)

On request, it can also be supplied in other materials

More information on the materials for each spiral conveyor belt type can be found on the selected model page.



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