Vico-flex curved conveyor belts

The VICO-Flex belt consists of links connected by straight rods. They have special chain links at the edges made of “U” shaped elements having slots for nesting the connecting rods. This design allows great flexibility of the belt in every direction.
The standard configuration of the spiral conveyor belt entails the use of spirals but in some cases, product size permitting, they may also be produced without mesh overlay.
This curved conveyor belt is classified based on the pitch and dimensions of the chain links (thickness and width), diameter of the connecting rod and ensuing maximum allowable tension.


VICO-Flex curved conveyor belts are normally requested in AISI 304, but they can also be made of other materials.


They can be supplied complete with guard edges and, if necessary, Nylon or stainless steel sprockets. Degreasing and pickling can be carried out on request.


VICO-Flex belts are usually installed on spiral towers and in straight-line tunnels for cooling, freezing, pasteurisation, proofing or cooking processes.

Type of vico-flex spiral conveyor belts

VICO-flex (Standard)

This is the standard VICO-Flex belt, widely used in non-critical process conditions and in small widths.

  • Longitudinal pitch: 19.05mm | 27.43 mm
  • Maximum allowable tension: 100 lb (45 kg)
  • Minimum turn radius: 2.2 mm for 19.05 mm pitch | 1.6 mm for 27.43 mm pitch
  • Maximum width: 990.6 mm (39”)

VICO-FLEX HD (Heavy-Duty)

This type of belt has a more robust chain link than the standard one, guaranteeing greater tensile strength with the same pitch and width.

  • Longitudinal pitch: 27.43 mm
  • Maximum allowable tension: 150 lb (68 kg)
  • Minimum turn radius: 1.68 mm
  • Maximum width: 990.6 mm (39”)

VICO-FLEX EHD (Extra-Heavy duty)

This type has an even more robust structure than others, making it suitable for more critical process conditions and greater widths.

  • Longitudinal pitch: 31.75 mm | 40.00 mm
  • Maximum allowable tension: 300 lb | 450 lb
  • Minimum turn radius: 1.6
  • Maximum width: 1524.0 mm (60”)

VICO-FLEX Small Radius

This model of VICO-Flex is designed to allow the belt to perform extremely restricted radii, allowing a reduction of the diameter of the drum and overall size of the system.

  • Longitudinal pitch: 27.43/19.05mm | 31.75/27.43 mm | 44.00/31.75 mm
  • Maximum allowable tension: 150 lb | 150 lb | 300 lb
  • Minimum turn radius: 1.0
  • Maximum width: 1524.0 mm (60”)
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