VICO-Traflex belts are made of flat strips and connecting rods. Flat strips are specially designed to allow great flexibility of the belt in every direction. VICO-Traflex have a large open area, are easy to clean and are very flexible in terms of uses.
VICO-Traflex belts are classified according to the pitch of the flat bar bends and of the rods, the diameter of the rods and the size of the flat strips.


VICO-Traflex belts are normally supplied in AISI 304, but they can also be made of other materials.


They can be supplied complete with guard edges, fixed or removable dividers and, if necessary, Nylon or stainless steel sprockets. Degreasing and pickling can be carried out on request.


VICO-Traflex belts are usually installed on spiral towers and in straight tunnels for cooling and freezing processes.

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