Punched plates

Punched plates include products such as plates whose perforation is obtained using tools, comprising punches and die mounted on NDC automatic punching machines. The technical limit of this manufacturing consists of the relationship between the diameter of the hole and the thickness of the plate: indeed, it is not technically possible to obtain holes with diameters that are smaller than the thickness of the plate.
Costacurta has a competitive edge especially when the plates have particularly critical holes, densely positioned holes, very small holes or holes with diameters equal to the thickness or slots with a width that is slightly less that the thickness of the plate.

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Carbon steel, stainless steels, Nickel-chromium alloys, aluminium and its alloys, copper and its alloys.


Punched plates can be supplied as flat, rectangular or shaped panels or as cylinders, with flanges or reinforcement rings depending on the client’s specifications.
On request, other surface finishing treatments can be performed, such as sandblasting and electrolytic polishing.

Flexibility and compliance with the contractual delivery times, also critical, are possible because of the quantity and quality of the perforating machines and dies, the flexibility of the organization and the wide range of plates available in stock.


In punching, different types of holes can be obtained to meet the needs of a range of applications in many industrial sectors. The main sectors are chemical, agriculture, food, mining and construction.


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