Drilled and Milled plates

Drilled and/or milled plates are perforated by using multi-spindle heads: perforation diameters and it is thus possible to obtain perforation diameters and slot widths smaller in size than the thickness of the plates, with a large open areas and small hole sections, while still maintaining a high tensile strength thanks to the thickness of the plate.
Drilled plates can be produced with three different kinds of perforations: cylindrical, step drilled and conical. After drilling and milling, the plates are satin-finished and washed to guarantee perfectly clean holes and slots.

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Carbon steel, stainless steels, titanium, Nickel-chromium alloys, aluminium and its alloys, copper and its alloys.


Drilled plates can be supplied as flat, rectangular or shaped panels or as cylinders, with flanges or reinforcement rings depending on the client’s specifications.
On request other surface finishing treatments can be performed, such as sandblasting and satin finishing.


Drilled plates’ most common use is in screw presses for the separation of the solids from liquids.

They are generally used in pressing and in waste treatment, above all in the paper processing sector and in the food sector (e.g. sugar production).


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