The heart of filtration and separation processes

The selection of the most suitable filtering element for the specific operating conditions, its correct sizing and the quality of its construction are critical factors in the filtration and separation stages of water treatment (waste water and process fluids) and waste treatment (slurries, sludge and digestate for biogas production) processes.

The wedge wire screens and perforated plates used in screw presses, rotary drum screens, self-cleaning filters, rotosieves and static screens, or in other machinery with similar functions, can be decisive for the efficiency of the machinery and for the end result of the process itself.

Costacurta has been manufacturing a broad range of filtering elements, such as woven wire cloths and meshes, perforated plates and wedge wire screens, for use in numerous industries and applications, for over 100 years.

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Technical specifications:

  • slot opening: 40 μm.
  • /max. dia.: 25 – 914 mm.
  • Maximum length: 7000 mm.
  • dimensions when flat: 2700×4000 mm.
  • Profile wires: from 0.51 x 1.20 mm to 3.30 x 6.35 mm.
  • Support rods: rectangular section from 1×3 mm to 5×40 mm; round shape: dia. 6 mm; ‘teardrop’ shape: 3.80 x 5.50 mm.


  • Carbon steel, stainless steels, duplex, super duplex and Nickel-Chromium alloys.

Surface finishes:

  • Degreasing, satin-finishing, pickling and electropolishing.

The dimensions, openings, materials and finishes of Costacurta wedge wire screens are designed, defined and based on our customers’ technical specifications.


Technical specifications:

  • Hole section: conical, cylindrical, step-drilled.
  • Hole diameter: from 1 mm to 6 mm.
  • Slot width:
    – milled plate from 0.5 mm,
    – cut plate from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm.
  • plate dimension: up to 6000×2000 mm.
  • Plate thickness:
    – drilled/milled plate: up to 15 mm,
    – cut plate: from 3 to 5 mm.



  • Carbon steel, stainless steels, titanium, Nickel-Chromium alloys, aluminium and its alloys, copper and its alloys.


Surface finishes:

  • Degreasing, sandblasting, satin-finishing and electropolishing.

The dimensions, hole geometries, materials and finishes of Costacurta perforated plates are designed, defined and based on our customers’ technical specifications.

Flexible production and strict quality controls

The high quality of Costacurta’s filtering elements depends on a number of factors including the choice of raw material. The materials and sizes of the wires and plates are chosen to meet the customer’s specific needs. The chemical and mechanical properties of the materials used are closely monitored and checked.

Production is characterized by a high level of automation, the experience and skills of the operators and constant quality controls both during production and on the finished product using laser, mechanical and optical instruments.


From its own perforated plates, Costacurta can also manufacture various types of special elements, such as baskets, cones, half-shells and crowns.

These elements are characterised by a highly complex production process that complies with extremely strict design specifications and dimensional tolerances.

Tailor-made services

Costacurta provides tailor-made services also for orders of small quantities and dimensions.

Product development and consultancy

Thanks to its long-standing experience in the production of a wide range of filtering elements (wire cloths and meshes, perforated plates and wedge wire screens), Costacurta is able to help clients choose the best filtering element for their process and performance needs and, if required, to develop specific components able to meet highly specific filtering and separation needs in accordance with strict dimensional tolerances.

Project management

The sales&project managers accompany clients throughout the project: from the request for a quotation to the selection of the component, its construction and installation, and after-sales support.


The company can fulfil specific requests, including orders of small quantities, guaranteeing a high service level thanks to the stock of plates and wires in different materials and dimensions.

Stock Agreements

When requested, Costacurta can keep a stock of finished products in quantities agreed on with the client that that can be collected when needed.