Twilled weave

In twilled weave, each warp wire and each weft wire are passed successively over two and under the next adjacent pair of wires. Due to the residual tension of the unbalanced weaving, the mesh sides tend to form angles that are not perfectly 90°. This type of weaving is used when the wire cloth is to be deep-drawn, or for very fine wire cloths for which plain weave is not possible.


Twilled weaves can be made from all metal materials and alloys that can be drawn into wire, such as carbon steel, stainless steels, Nickel-chromium alloys, pure metals.


Twilled weave wire cloths can be supplied in rolls of various widths and lengths and in flat panels in different geometric shapes.


These wire cloths are often used in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors for applications that require critical level sieving and filtering (minimum filtering value 25 microns).

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