Twilled dutch weave

A twilled dutch weave is a wire cloth in which each weft wire passes successively over two and under the next adjacent pair of warp wires. With this weave, larger diameter wires can be used compared to plain dutch wire cloths; this means that extremely compact wire cloths can be produced, obtaining a retention of as little as 5 microns.


These wire cloths can be manufactured using all metal materials and alloys that can be drawn into wire, such as carbon steel, stainless steels, Nickel-Chromium alloys, pure metals.


Twilled dutch weave cloths can be supplied in rolls of various widths and lengths and in flat panels in different geometric shapes.


Twilled dutch weave cloths are used almost exclusively for filtering applications and, above all, when, along with high stiffness and strength, very high filtering values (5 microns) have to be reached. This type of wire cloth is used, for example, for the extrusion of plastics or in filter presses such as those used in the cocoa processing industry.

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