The VICO-Vibrations product category includes crimped wire meshes and some types of woven wire cloths characterised by a high open area and by the wire’s high tensile strength, high yield point and considerable wear proof steels. VICO-Vibrations are normally made from square or rectangular mesh, with compensated crimping to guarantee that the mesh will not lose its shape. The material used must have a high yield point and a yield point/tensile strength ratio that is not too close to one. In this way, the wires can be permanently deformed during working with a guarantee that no cracks or excessively fragile crystal structures are produced at any of the points of maximum elongation.


Spring steel.


VICO-Vibrations can be supplied in rolls, even if they are more frequently supplied in flat panels with tensioning hooks.


These meshes are mainly used in sieving systems, for a range of materials and applications.

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