VICO-Tex coalescers

These are made of layers of special meshes arranged to give a coalescent effect cellular structure.  Their main function is to cause an increase in the size of dispersed phase droplets with a diameter of less than 30 microns that otherwise, moving only through diffusion, could not be separated from the continuous liquid phase by means of gravity alone. The droplets enlarged by VICO-Tex coalescers then separate easily through gravity in the settling zone downstream of the coalescer.


Stainless steels, special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy and Hastelloy.
They can also be made of intertwined metal wires with fluorinated polymer, polyester, polypropylene or glass fibre multifilaments.


The VICO-Tex coalescers can be made of single or multi layers. Each pad is usually supplied complete with upper and lower support grids and fixings.


VICO-Pack sloped plate coalescers are generally used in horizontal separators in oil&gas, chemical and petrochemical processes that require separation of dispersed liquid phase droplets in a continuous liquid phase.

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