VICO-Pack sloped plate coalescer

VICO-Pack sloped plate coalescers are made of a set of sloped parallel vanes that reduce the settling distance of the dispersed phase droplets present in the continuous phase. VICO-Packs are effective for the separation of droplets of a sufficient size to guarantee movement due to the force of gravity (indicatively greater than 30 microns). The installation of VICO-Pack sloped plate coalescers, in gas-liquid-liquid separators enables the use of smaller vessels than those used for configurations that do not incorporate any kind of internals. Their installation in existing vessels allows for an increase in the flow rate of liquids handled and the purity of the separated phases. They can tolerate a limited presence of solid particles in the liquid current.


Stainless steels and special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy and Hastelloy.


VICO-Pack can be designed and made in different configurations and with different inclinations and spacing of the vanes, depending on the operating conditions and the layout of the plant.


VICO-Pack sloped plate coalescers are widely used in onshore and offshore natural gas and oil extraction and treatment plants, typically in horizontal test or production separators or in vertical separators such as KO drums.

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