VICO-Tex are special mist eliminators, made from layers of mesh arranged so as to obtain a cellular structure.  The droplets are removed thanks to inertial impaction mechanisms and direct interception. VICO-Tex eliminate droplets in processes involving gas-liquid currents.


Stainless steels, special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Carpenter 20, pure metals such as Nickel and Titanium and also fluorinated polymer, polyester and polypropylene monofilaments.
VICO-Tex can also be made of composite material, by knitting metal wires with glass fibre, fluorinated polymer, polyester and polypropylene multifilaments.


Each pad is usually supplied complete with upper and lower support grids and fixings.


VICO-Tex are used in numerous applications both in the Oil&Gas industry, for example in  K.O. drums, scrubbers, evaporators, distillation and absorption columns, sea water desalination plants, in thermal or geothermal energy generation plants and in many other industrial applications that require separation of the liquid droplets carried by gas and vapours.

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