These are axial flow multicyclones droplet separators. Separation takes place thanks to the centrifugal force on the gas by a helicoidal structure at the inlet to each element. VICO-Spins work with a high gas velocity, enabling smaller vessels to be used, in particular at high working pressures. The separation efficiency is only slightly affected by reductions in the gas flow rate and is excellent even with high gas density and low liquid density and with low liquid surface tension. They can tolerate a limited presence of solids carried by the gas.  They have a compact structure and high mechanical resistance.


The most frequently used materials are stainless steels and some special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, duplex and superduplex.


VICO-Spins are supplied in modules of one to four cyclones – the total number of which is calculated and defined considering the operating conditions – along with the support structure and drainage system.


They can be installed in different types of separators such as scrubbers, ko drums or production separators. Their specific design makes them perfect for installation in high velocity, high pressure vessels also in critical operating conditions.

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