These are vane droplet separators operating with vertical gas flow. They are constructed using parallel moulded vanes with a shape that forces the gas to make a series of changes in direction. The droplets are removed mainly due to the inertial impaction mechanism. They are able to separate medium-large sized droplets and can work correctly also with high viscosity liquids and in the presence of foul fluids.


The most frequently used materials are stainless steels and some special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy and Carpenter 20. They can also be made of certain pure metals, such as, for example, Titanium.


VICO-Chevrons can be designed and made in different configurations, depending on the operating conditions and the lay-out of the plant.


They are normally fitted in vertical separators, typically Scrubbers or KO drums when the installation of VICO-Tex® or VICO-Vane is not possible or not recommended.

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