VICO-Bsa filter candles comprise a containment cage with a coalescent filling. They can separate very small droplets, to 0.3 microns, through inertial impaction mechanisms, direct interception and Brownian motion.


The containment cage can be made of stainless steel, special alloys such as Carpenter 20, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, pure metals such as Titanium and some plastic materials. The coalescent filling is normally in glass fibre but may also be in plastic or ceramic material.


VICO-Bsa filter candles are supplied with support grids and filling, fixing flange and, when requested, drainage pipe.


Given their highly compact structure, they can guarantee extremely high separation efficiency also for sub-micron mists. They are particularly suitable for use with processing fluids; for example, downstream of absorption columns in sulphuric or phosphoric acid plants, downstream of liquid ring compressors or in atmospheric vapour effluent treatment plants.

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