Flow equalisers

Flow equalisers are used to uniformly distribute the velocities of the liquid and gas currents, break waves and remove foam. Flow equalisers used in the gas phase can also have the function of separating larger droplets, reducing the liquid load at the more refined gas-liquid separators downstream.

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Perforated plate calming baffle

Made of perforated plate, these equalisers are used in horizontal three-phase separators to uniformly distribute the liquid phase velocities, optimising separation through decantation along the separator and the functioning of the specific internals for finer liquid-liquid separation.

Designed in combination with fluid-dynamic analyses, they are also used to stabilise and optimise the functioning of separators in floating applications, such as FPSOs.

Calming baffles in perforated plate are frequently used also for uniform distribution of the velocity of the gas crossing the gas-liquid separators (demisters, vane packs). With this function they are supplied assembled directly with the specific internal.

Straightener, wave breaker, foam breaker

With a vane structure, these equalisers are used mainly in horizontal three-phase separators to uniformly distribute the velocity of the gas current, break and stop the waves that can form in the presence of high velocity gas on the free surface and break and eliminate foam that can form at the gas-liquid interface in the presence of fluids with certain chemical-physical properties. They also separate the larger droplets carried in the gas phase.

Free surface protecting baffle

This distributor is used in applications where the velocity and inlet momentum are particularly high, preventing the gas flow that leaves the inlet distributor from impacting the surface of the underlying liquid at high speed. In this way the formation of waves, sprays and the entrainment of droplets is avoided.

It is an excellent solution for applications in which momentum on inlet is very high and to increase the flow rates that can be treated in existing separators.

Custom made equalizer

Besides the configurations described above, Costacurta, supported by the expertise and experience of its Separation Technologies department, is able to design and develop new distribution solutions to meet its clients’ requests or in critical operating conditions.

Distinctive elements of Costacurta’s custom-made equalisers

In-house process design by a dedicated team

High quality and precision of the product

Over 60 years’ experience in the separation sector


Stainless steels

Special alloys (Monel, Inconel, Incoloy e Hastelloy)

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