Complete separators

Based on its in-house process know-how and experience of separation, Costacurta’s Separation Technologies department selects and designs the most appropriate internals with the aim of optimising the overall performance of the separators they are installed in. Indeed, the choice of the correct set of internals enables the same separation performances to be reached, also optimising the size and cost of the vessel, for which Costacurta provides indications about the layout and size.
This optimisation process is carried out based on the operating conditions (temperature and pressure) and the characteristics of the process fluids (flow rate, density, viscosity and surface tension).
In the case where the client has specific needs and the internals represent a significant share of the value of the complete separator, Costacurta can provide the client with the vessel complete with all the internals. In this way, Costacurta offers the client a turnkey service in the process design stage and for the management of all the following stages through to delivery of the vessel complete with internals and all the relative documentation.

Guaranteed performance

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Distinctive elements

Process engineering and dimensioning performed in-company using tools developed in-house

Experience in the management of projects that have to meet particularly restrictive technical requirements, interact with different subjects and guarantee rapid delivery times

Presence of an ad-hoc project team

Vertical gas-liquid separator

Typical vertical gas-liquid separator equipped with vane feed inlet distributor, VICO-Tex wire agglomerator and a set of axial VICO-Spin cyclones. The combination of VICO-Tex and VICO-Spin has two main benefits:

  • excellent separation performance thanks to the coalescence effect of the agglomerator.
  • high turndown: at high gas velocities, the VICO-Tex acts as an agglomerator and the VICO-Spins separate the agglomerated droplets, while at low gas velocities, the VICO-Tex acts as the main separator.

This combination of internals is widely used in gas compression trains or for retrofitting of existing equipment.

Horizontal gas-liquid separator

Typical horizontal gas-liquid separator installed on floating systems equipped with vane feed inlet distributor, three perforated plate calming baffles, VICO-Straightener, VICO-Vane droplet separator and sand jetting system. A combination of several perforated plate calming baffles mitigates the effects of sloshing in separators installed on floating units. The equipment is normally designed with the aid of CFD simulation.

Horizontal liquid-liquid separator

Typical horizontal liquid-liquid separator with perforated pipe inlet distributor, perforated plate calming baffle and VICO-Pack. The presence of a VICO-Pack enables treatment of fluids containing quantities of solids. In the case of clean fluids, a VICO-Tex® COALESCER instead of a VICO-Pack allows greater separation performances to be obtained.

Horizontal gas-liquid-liquid separator

Typical horizontal gas-liquid-liquid separator fitted with cyclonic inlet distributor, perforated plate calming baffle, VICO-Pack, anti-turbulence slats, VICO-Straightener, VICO-Vane droplet separator and sand jetting system. Horizontal gas-liquid-liquid separators with this combination of internals are widely used when gas and liquid loads are high and separation of liquid-liquid primary dispersions is required. They are the best solution for offshore and FPSO applications and for the retrofitting of existing equipment.


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