The VICO-REL belt consists of elements formed by wire links, locked together by electro-welding one or more cross wires, connected by rods. It is usually driven by sprockets or grooved rollers and can be assembled with chains for special applications or specifications. The link pitch may vary according to the size of the product being transported. VICO-REL® is classified according to the pitch of the links and the connecting rods, their diameter and the type of selvage.

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VICO-REL belts are mainly, but not exclusively, made of carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steels.


VICO-REL can be supplied with welded selvages. On request, it can also be supplied with driving chains, guard edges and dividers.


The VICO-REL belt is used in continuous tunnels mainly for freezing, cooking or washing and in agricultural machines for the sieving of crops.

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