The VICO-MP belt consists of very closely woven alternating right and left-hand spirals. Each spiral is crossed by three or more straight or crimped connecting rods. This belt is classified according to the pitch and internal spacing of the spirals, the diameter of the wire and connecting rod and the type of selvage.


FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES: 25/20 AISI 314, Ni-Cr 37/18, Ni-Cr 37/18 Cb, Ni-Cr 80-20, Inconel 600 and Inconel 601.

FOR OTHER INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES: carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steels.


FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES: VICO-MP can be supplied with welded selvages. On request, it can also be supplied with guard edges.

FOR OTHER INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES: VICO-MP can be supplied with welded selvages; on request, it can be supplied with driving chains and guard edges.


FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES: continuous ovens up to temperatures of 1150°C, for heat treatment.

FOR OTHER INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES: continuous tunnels used in many applications including cooking, washing of textile fibres (e.g. Rayon, etc.).

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