The VICO-MC belt consists of wire spirals linked together and reinforced with straight connecting rods. This belt is classified according to the pitch and internal spacing of the spiral wire, the diameter of the wire and connecting rod and the type of selvage.


The main materials that allow these conveyor belts to operate in continuous mode at high temperatures are: 25/20 AISI 314 stainless steel, Ni-Cr 37/18, Ni-Cr 37/18 Cb, Ni-Cr 80-20, Inconel 600 and Inconel 601.


VICO-MC can be supplied with welded, ladder or knuckled edges. On request, it can also be supplied with reinforced edges and guard edges.


The VICO-MC belt is used mainly in continuous ovens, for heat treatment of products or for sintering and brazing processes.

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