Recycling of plastic materials

Recycling of plastic materials is a specific sector of waste recycling and consists of a series of operations to transform waste plastic material into a new product that can be used in numerous production processes.

After separate waste collection stage, the plastic is transported to recycling plants, where it is subject to a selection, reduction or cutting and washing stage.

The plastic waste is then separated from any other excess materials, processed and reduced to pellets for distribution.

Friction washer

Once the plastic waste has been chopped up, it is washed in a machine that is commonly called friction washer.

The friction washer is used to wash films of plastic waste, like flakes of PET bottles and other types of solid plastic materials, with a high level of contamination or persistent dirt and dimensions usually above 2-3 mm.

The machine consists in a drilled plate, suitably bent to form an hexagonal prism, and some nozzles to facilitate the cleaning of the plastic waste.
The oily residue and dirt flow through the holes of the drilled plate outside the machine, whilst the fragments of plastic are then transferred to the treatment and recycling operations.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta drilled plates for friction washers are:

  • High quality and precision of the drilling, which is carried out with cutting-edge machines and technology
  • High quality of the material used

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