Industrial washing

Costacurta designs and manufactures punched plates installed in industrial washing machines.

When we speak of industrial dye work and landry we are generally referring to the washing, dyeing and treatment of articles of clothing in the textile industry. The treatment of articles of clothing includes desizing, bleaching and stone washing.

In industrial uses, besides the traditional use for articles of clothing, the treatment can be performed on unprocessed textile fibres, pieces of fabrics and yarns.

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Punched plates manufactured by Costacurtaare used in machines for the industrial washing of articles of clothing. Industrial washing machines vary in complexity and some have centrifuges.

Inside an industrial washing machine there is a cage; that is, a stainless-steel perforated cylinder. Costacurta can supply the finished cylinder or the perforated panel, manufactured according to clients’ specifications.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta punched plate for industrial washing machines are:

  • High quality and precision of the punching
  • High quality of the material used

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