Blasting is a mechanical process in which the surface of a metal piece is eroded by a jet of abrasive material (glass beads, metal beads, aluminium oxide, and silica sand) and air. When the abrasive material used is silica sand, the process is called sandblasting.

Blasting is mainly used to clean the surface of metal and cast-iron parts but it can also be used to treat wood, ceramics, stones and marbles. Blasting is carried out to remove imperfections caused by production, oxides, paints, calcifications, and galvanic or plastic coatings.

At the end of the process, the product is clean, and with a degree of roughness that depends on the size of the grit used and the pressure of the jet.

Continuous blasting tunnels

Blasting and sandblasting treatments take place inside continuous tunnels. The products are transported into these tunnels by conveyor belts.

These conveyor belts are selected and manufactured to guarantee transport of the product through the tunnel in which the treatment takes place.

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta conveyor belts for continuous blasting tunnels:

  • Perfect straightness
  • Wide range of mesh available
  • Smooth, uniform surfaces to handle the product correctly
  • High quality of the steels used
  • High resistance to the mechanical stresses and wear caused by the jet of abrasive material and air

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