Solution heat treatment

Costacurta manufactures straight conveyor belts in refractory materials for solution heat-treatment continuous ovens.

The solution heat treatment process is used specifically for stainless steels. The metal alloy is heated, kept at a high temperature and then rapidly cooled using water or inert gas. Solution heat treatment improves the mechanical strength of the treated material, and its resistance to corrosion or oxidation.

The solution heat treatment process is commonly used to treat parts for the mechanical industry.

Traitement thermique de mise en solution machine

Conveyor belts for solution heat treatment continuous ovens

This process typically takes place inside continuous solution heat treatment ovens that can reach temperatures of approximately 1050°C. The pieces to be treated move inside the continuous ovens on conveyor belts made in special materials to withstand high temperatures.

Costacurta’s conveyor belts for high temperatures are dimensioned based on the operating conditions, the size of the parts to be treated and the workload, and are normally made in stainless steel 314 (W. Nr. 1.4841), NiCr 37/18 (W. Nr. 1.4864).

Distinctive characteristics of the Costacurta conveyor belts for continuous solution heat treatment ovens:

  • Precision of the mesh geometry and quality of the alloys used
  • Wide range of mesh available

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