Reactor Internals

At its plant, Costacurta manufactures and is able to handle a wide range of Reactor Internals of different sizes and weights, ranging from a few tons to more than 100 tons.

Costacurta produces Reactor Internals consisting of components of relatively limited size and weight, such as ‘scallops’, ‘inlet distributors’, ‘outlet collectors’ and ‘distributor trays’ but also Reactor Internals of a large size and weight such as  ‘cartridges’ that can reach lengths of 30 metres and a weight of more than 100 tons.

The ‘cartridges’ are stainless steel containers in which all the individual components of the Reactor Internals are installed before being shipped. Once at the plant, the ‘cartridges’, complete with all the Internals, are inserted in a flanged reactor. The main components of the Reactor Internals can be: ‘outer baskets’ and ‘inner baskets’ or ‘special gratings’ and ‘distributors’ and heat exchangers.

Continuous improvement of the manufacturing process

Costacurta invests in machinery and equipment with the aim of improving product quality and productivity. It now has a wide range of machines and equipment that enable a high level of automation. Costacurta has also invested and continues to invest in the expansion of the production plant areas and in increasing the lifting and handling capacity to be able to manufacture large, heavy Reactor Internals.


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