Reactor Internals

From thin to thick plates

Costacurta manufactures Reactor Internals from plates, mainly in stainless steel, that can be between 1 mm and 200 mm thick and it pays great attention to the quality of the plates, procuring solely from highly qualified and internationally renowned manufacturers. Over the years, Costacurta has gained experience in all the processes and, above all, in welding thick and thin plates.

A distinctive trait

One of Costacurta’s strengths is its ability to manage the entire production process, from the manufacture of the filtering elements in wire or plate – metal cloths, perforated plates and wedge wire screens – through to the finished component. Costacurta believes that this aspect is what distinguishes it from all the other manufacturers of Reactor Internals. Costacurta collaborates with Technology Licensors in the development of new products, contributing to the identification of the ideal filtering elements for the specific process, the production of the prototype and the engineering of the product.

Moreover, this contributes to achieving a high quality finished product and a high level of production flexibility. The quality of the Reactor Internals depends on the quality of its constituent components and, above all, of the filtering element that has an important dual function: holding the catalyst in place and allowing the passage of fluid so to guaranteeing the distribution envisaged during the process design. Instead, flexibility is enhanced by efficiently managing all the manufacturing stages, ensuring completion in the scheduled times; this not only allows control of compliance with delivery times but also, in many cases, the possibility of guaranteeing short deliveries in cases of emergency.


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